Kiana Danial's $1M/ Month Automated System

"This is one the most valuable, most clear, and most simply stated webinar trainings I've ever seen" 

How I make 
$500K - $1M Per Month
using this
FULLY Automated System

(Without having to go LIVE, launch new campaigns every week, or write new follow-up emails every day.)

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What is Kiana Danial's $1M/ Mo Automated System?

Kiana Danial's $1M/mo Automated System is a step-by-step online training course that shows you how to create, launch and write the script for a fully automated webinar that's powerful,  engages your attendees, persuades your attendees to stay until they hear your offer, so your attendees will love - and buy - what you sell. 

People's attention span is short. 

Automating your webinar won't work unless you use specific techniques to get people to sign up, show up, and pay attention to your message. 

Whether you already have a webinar and want to level-up and increase your passive conversions, or looking to launch a new webinar but have no idea where to start, The $1M/ Month Auto Webinar Secrets will transform the way to build your auto webinar system so you can be completely hands off with your passive income, scale your business, AND create the long-term financial success you deserve. 

Kiana spent 5 years "perfecting" this automated system. 

Now you can get her...

  • 5 years worth of trial and error
  •  Investment in multiple high level coaches
  •  Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of testing

in just ONE short training!

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